Business info

This page has been created to give you useful information regarding the following topics. It is up to you to keep updated before purchasing or ordering any vehicles to us. Knowing these basic information will give you the possibility to avoid buying a car by mistakes or the wrong car. Please study these information that we have created for you with all our best thoghts for you.

a. Container Dimensions:

It describes the size of each type of container.


b. Understanding the auction sheets:

It explains different kind of auctions sheet per auction house.


c. Marks on the cars:

It describes and show with pictures the meaning of the marks on the vehicle.


d. Installation of Sun Roof:

It shows with pictures how we will install this option for you.


e. Auction Locations:

With a Japan map we show you the location of auctions. It shows the distances.
This helps you to understand the distance of auctions when you try to make container vanning.


f. Container Vanning or Packing Combination.

It provides a chart of container vanning options from A to K, giving you the opportunity to choose
what type of combination you want. However, this information has been given to you to show
you that not every car can be packed in the way you wish so, we will advise you the chooise
option for you.


g. Equipments.

It shows you with sample photos what are the basic additional features of the cars and the meaning
of the abreviations letters, like PW, PM, SR, EG PS, AW, etc.